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My compliments to Freddie Mercury for a great song and I ask forgiveness of his spirit for slightly stealing his title. Always and forever a Queen fan.

There are rules and regulations that writers need to adhere to when writing in the English language. It’s the law. Okay, maybe you wouldn’t get arrested for missing a comma here and there, but if you don’t adhere to the rules it may mean your words don’t quite read correctly. A so-called blogger of my one time acquaintance once asked on social media if it mattered that spelling and grammar were correct in a blog posting. I was indignant and angry at his suggestion that the English language didn’t matter. Of course it matters! If the rules are ignored we are going to have books full of drivel that nobody can understand.

Rules matter. Having said that, I also have my own set of rules, The Seven Cs of Write. These are more advisory and are meant to help in creating an atmosphere of competence when you write and help create your own style, which should help your reader to better understand and enjoy your writing.That’s my theory, anyway.

The Seven Cs of Write


Be confident in your writing. If you’re not sure and a little shaky on getting your words down on paper, then it may show in the end result.


You have to know as far as possible how to spell and have enough knowledge in grammar usage and punctuation that your written words read well.


Consistency is really all about style. The more you write the more you will develop your own style. Writing a blog has helped me enormously in developing my own style. You can liken your style to a signature tune, it’s how readers come to expect your writing to be all the time.


If you want to be a writer and want to write fiction you’re going to need a spark of creativity in your subject matter. Make it interesting, funny, sad or scary. You need to get an emotional response from your readers.


Writing on a regular basis needs a degree of control on your part. Without that controlled discipline you will probably leave your writing for days, promising yourself you will get back into it soon. Keep at it, be relentless, ignore prevarication.


Take your time and do not rush your writing. You will make endless mistakes if you don’t take care to allow your words to flow.


It’s been said a few thousand times that a story has to have a beginning, a middle and an end. That’s very true, but equally there are subtle nuances within your basic story with sub-plots and red herrings scattered throughout. Make sure you don’t get your story twisted out of shape. If it fails to read well and isn’t self-explanatory then you are confusing your reader.

And there we have it. The Seven Cs of Write that will hopefully make your writing a little bit special for your reader to enjoy.

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