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I wrote this in 2020 and I’m still working on achieving my magic number.

I’ve said it before, words matter. I’ve also said that numbers loom large when you’re writing. Now I’m on a quest to find a magic number, though find is the wrong word. To achieve a magic number is much more accurate. The number in question is 10,000 and I’m close to getting there.

It’s all to do with blogging. As an indie author, I’m a firm believer that you must be able to achieve your goals through arduous work and sheer bloody-minded doggedness. Early on in my writing career I decided I would use a blog to create an interest in my books and thus, hopefully, sell a few books. It’s worked, to a degree, but so far, I’m still a struggling writer and must work at a ‘proper job’ to make a living. But writing is my calling and if I must struggle to get my words read then so be it, it’s a noble cause.

What’s the magic number got to do with my writing? I’ve been on a mission to get 10,000 visitors onto my blog in a month. That’s 10,000 times someone, anyone, visits my blog and hopefully reads my words. The magic number is a target I set myself when I first started a blog back in 2011. Nine years later and February 2020 is the month that I’m going to achiever that number. I’m currently on 9,668 visitors who have read 11,000 of my blog posts in February 2020. Since I started this blog back in September 2017, I have had 220,000 visitors to my blog. For a one-man band I think that’s a good result. But I do want more.

Here comes the hard part. I need to find another 332 visitors to my blog and that means I must write some more new and interesting content in five days as today is the 25th of February. It’s a challenge, but I’ve never shirked from a challenge. So, here goes. Brain in gear, fingers poised, and I’ll have the first of ten new posts ready and on my blog before the month is over.

Thankfully, it’s a leap year this year so I get an extra day this month to achieve my target. This is a bit of a leap of faith and I’m hoping my readers will do me proud.

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