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Well, I’m gobsmacked. Yesterday I wrote that I had a target, a magic number, I wanted to reach on my blog. I wanted to achieve 10,000 visitors to my blog in a month and February was getting close to that target. I was on 9,668 visitors and so needed another 332 visitors in five days to reach my 10k target. I expected to scrape through. Instead I hit the 10k mark by the end of the day and today, the 26th February 2020, 24 hours after posting that blog piece, I stand at 10,339 visitors, with 850 visits in that 24 hour period.

All I can say is a big, big thank you to my readers.

Now I have to set myself another target. I’m not sure what is do-able, but maybe I should up the anti and make it 15,000 visitors in one month. Achievable? I certainly hope so, but to make it more difficult, I’m going to say 15,000 in a month before the end of 2020. Considering it took me years to get to 10k in one month I hope this isn’t too much of an ask. Having said that, it’s up to me to continue to write content that others want to read.

Assuming I don’t drop dead between now and 2021, I look forward to writing more blog posts for more visitors to come and read. Maybe one day someone would like to make a comment on my blog, which would be nice.

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