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I’ve decided to give myself no choice but to finish my 2nd draft of The Brittle Sea by the end of March 2020. With that in mind I will start March 1st and finish 31st March 2020, come hell or high water. It’s a new writing challenge and I must admit, not one I relish. I hate any form of revision or editing. But needs must and I want part one of The Brittle Trilogy out and hopefully selling. The 2nd book in the trilogy, The Brittle Land already stands at 9,000 words so I anticipate finishing the 1st draft by winter 2020. My broken ribs injury in October last year stopped me in my tracks but I’m maybe becoming a little guilty of a degree of prevarication in respect of this novel. This is why I’m making this a public challenge to myself. I’m too bloody minded not to rise to a challenge, even if I set the challenge myself!

Here we go again then, another writing challenge, though strictly speaking it’s more of a revision challenge. The 2nd draft is where the meat is put on the bones and by the time that is complete I anticipate a book length of about 300 to 350 pages, maybe more.

I’m going to spend the rest of February getting myself up and running with the story line, to get into the zone and re-visit the world of Magda, Maggie and Richard Blackmore. I already know where they started out and where they have arrived at. Now it’s filling in the details and a few blank areas. Fingers at the ready and off we go again.

You can read the first draft by starting at Chapter One by clicking here. There are 25 free chapters, so enjoy.

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