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These days truth is a relative thing. When I was a boy you could always rely on the BBC news to give you the impartial truth. That still holds true as far as the TV is concerned and as far as the BBC is concerned. But now we have another form of information via social media, and that is a different story.

Trending. That one word is what drives the news or information in general on social media platforms. Nobody seems to care about facts, especially if you follow the idiot-in-chief Donald J. Trump. It’s all fake news… and he may have a point, to a degree.

Here is what you have to remember when you read anything, listen to anything or watch anything on TV, radio or your computer feed… It may not be true. Just keep this little mantra inside your head:-

Is it true? Is it true? Is it true?

I will let you in on a secret. Most social media channels want you to view their output because they want advertisers to pay them huge sums of money to read, watch or listen to their adverts and no other adverts.

Your news may not be true because it’s driven by money, not the truth.

Remember, bad news sells better than good news and bad news is the new entertainment we all seek.

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