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Who doesn’t like to soak in a hot bath and read a good book at the same time. I certainly do, but it’s been over a year since I managed to do so. Instead I have to shower. The house I live in has a large shower area, but no bath and to be honest, it’s so hot here in Cyprus most of the time you only want a shower to cool off.

But in our holiday letting apartment at the other end of the island, Kouklia Coastal Retreat, we have guests who may well want a hot bath. So, this year we have by-passed the normal immersion heater and installed solar panels to heat the water. And what an eye opener that has been.

For a start the area we had to install the panels was very small, but Green Air in Paphos installed the system with room to spare. Their engineers certainly knew their stuff. Withing minutes of installation and making the system live there was warm water coming from the taps. And that was on a cloudy day.

This weekend my wife and I have been at the apartment getting it ready for the new letting season and we have taking the opportunity to try the hot water out by having a bath… well, several actually. In fact the water was so hot both of us have managed to have a bath every day for three days. This was at the end of February and beginning of March where the weather has been cold, wet and cloudy mostly. But the German made solar panels and Danish pumps have risen to the challenge despite the poor weather conditions.

At a cost of only €1700 we can now offer our guests plenty of free hot water. Every little helps when you are trying to save the planet and run a business.

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Kouklia Coastal Retreat is situated in Kouklia just 10 minutes from Paphos International Airport and the lively and bustling town of Paphos. Ideally situated with the world class Secret Valley golf course only 10 minutes down the road, plenty of local Tavernas, beautiful scenery and access to many blue flag beaches.

Visit the Kouklia Coastal Retreat website.


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