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When I wrote this piece I had no idea what it was we had caught in January. After looking up some data from the Health Ministry it turns out it was swine flu.

One early morning, back in January, my wife and I had to get up early to wave her daughter and family off who were returning to Jordan after the Christmas and New Year break. It was cold and raining and for some reason I was feeling a little off. I had developed a cough a couple of days before and that morning, at around 6am, I was feeling pretty crappy. As we said our goodbyes and the family piled into their taxi, we waved our farewells and they were gone. I turned to my wife.

“I’m going back to bed. I feel like shit,” I said to her.

She said later in the year that at the time she thought it was odd for me to say and do what I did. I always get up early and I never go back to bed except to bring my wife a cup of tea. But that day, I really did feel bad.

That was the beginning of an odd flu-like episode that I cannot explain today but that had infected me, my wife, and many others that we know of. It took at least four weeks to shake off and I lost a lot of weight because I had no appetite and so couldn’t eat. I spent three days in bed unable to do anything. I have since wondered was this Coronavirus. It was before the world had even heard of the current Pandemic, but the symptoms were identical.

As the American joke of a president suspends travel from Europe to the United States (no need to because nobody wants to visit a country ruled by a maniacal lunatic racist) you have to ask yourself why, all of a sudden, we’re seeing this virus in a different light to others that have come and gone. SARS comes to mind and influenza in  general. It seems that COVID-19 is somehow different, more deadly. Well, I have news for you, dear reader. It’s the flu or a flu-like derivative and it will ‘do its thing’ and make a lot of us sick, as well as killing some unfortunate souls. But, it’s so far proving less deadly than the yearly flu we see happening the world over.

Personally, I think we need to remember to take precautions and restrict our human interactions, but we do not need to panic. This virus will be nothing like the plagues of  old. God is not taking his revenge on humanity and though some will die, most of us will recover.

I recovered from my recent bout of the flu, only to find I could get another bout of another form of flu. So be it. If I get it, I get it. The consequences of catching COVID-19 will be whatever they are and there is little I can do about it.

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