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The #Cyprus government has ordered that certain public venues must close their doors to the public from 06:00 on Monday 16th March 2020, for four weeks, due to the #coronavirus outbreak.

Hotels must suspend their operations until 30 April 2020. For existing customers they can continue operating for a period of six days from today.

For a holiday destination island in the Mediterranean, where the summer season has in essence already started, this is very bad news for pubs, clubs, Tavernas and hotels, not to mention museums and other places visitors usually go to.

We have a small apartment in #Kouklia, near Paphos, that we rent out to holidaymakers. We have already had a couple from Hungary wanting to either cancel or move their vacation dates to a time later in the year. Lucky for us we’re not reliant on the income, though we have spent a considerable sum of money on renovations. But there are many who need the money they make from holidaymakers, and this will be devastating to them.

As much as it’s true that the health of people is more important than money, try telling that to a restaurant owner who is near to retirement and depending on income from tourists to pay his mortgage. The government is offering some financial help, but it may well be too little and too late. Businesses will go bust and people will suffer financially, and as a consequence people may also suffer ill health.

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