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Coronavirus: No Poo Today

I wrote this way back in March 2020 and it seems with the 2nd wave and Lockdown 2.0 it still holds true.

No poo today,
my roll has gone away.
No more in the store,
the last one’s out the door.

You can sing-a-long to this to the song No Milk Today as performed by Hermann’s Hermits. With apologies to Graham Gouldman.

It’s a fact of life, when there’s a crisis of any sort, some people have a tendency to panic. One aspect of a human panic is panic buying. This has manifested itself, in some parts of the world in the panic buying of toilet paper! Really? Yes, really, dear reader. It appears not to have arrived in Cyprus yet because yesterday we went shopping and the local Supermarket’s stocks of toilet paper were fine, no outages of toilet paper here… so far. Mind you, we do have a strong contingent of British expats here so maybe it’s our stiff upper lips that are prevailing.

The #coronavirus  COVID-19 cases in Cyprus stands at 14 and counting. #Cyprus is a holiday island and it’s the beginning of the summer season. We have Brits, Russians, Italians, and others here already. Cheap flights from all over Europe by RyanAir, sometimes as low as £9.99, which is about $16 or €16 means it may be bad here when it finally hits full force. One saving grace, maybe, is the fact our weather is warming up rapidly and the virus, assuming it’s flu-like, will not survive above 26ºCentigrade.

When it comes to thinking about what to do to lessen the potential to catch or spread COVID-19, we don’t have to think too hard. Go to the shops twice a week. Don’t go anywhere that has large gatherings of people. Our vet has taken the bull by the horns and issued guidelines for taking pets in to them. Several restaurants have issued notices that they are closing for the duration. It all makes sense and is gratifying to be a part of a community of one million souls who are not panicked into buying toilet paper!

Here in our little village, we rely on solar power for hot water & our place here in Larnaca has really old panels so they’re not too efficient. So hot water is a bit of a problem unless you use the immersion heater, which in itself is slow and pretty old too, not to mention expensive. On the other hand, our holiday rental apartment in Paphos has new German solar panels and it produces hot water even on a cloudy day… but we rent it out to holidaymakers (and potentially it’s fully booked from April) but it’s an hours drive away… So we have decided not to travel to Paphos, even for a hot bath, because it would increase the risk factor of catching or spreading the virus. Be sensible, be safe, that’s our watch-words for the current crisis.

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