Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay

Image by Alexandr Litovchenko from Pixabay

I woke up this morning, at about 1am, and felt fine. I sometimes wake early because I’m a light sleeper and I still have a little pain in my side from my broken ribs. But usually I’ll be back in bed a couple of hours later. I was this morning, but not before I felt a little hot and then a little clammy. My first thought was obvious. I’ve got it. My second thought was, thank goodness I bought a gun.

Now, dear reader, admit it. You’re thinking why would a mild mannered Englishman living in sunny #Cyprus need a gun, except to defend himself from marauding toilet paper thieves. Well, it ‘s not a firearm that I bought. It’s a non-contact infra-red temperature gun, ideal for taking your temperature from your forehead.

image infra-red temperature gun

I bought it because the temperature control on my heat-press, for pressing vinyl onto t-shirts, is playing up, but you can also take your temperature, as well as other peoples temperatures, with it. If it hadn’t been for that, I could not have shown myself I hadn’t got a high temperature.

So, good for checking I’m fit and well, but bad for warding off zombie toilet paper thieves. I’ll have to rely on throwing a few rocks instead.

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I’ve lived in Cyprus for 12 years and have experienced many ups and downs in that time.



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