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A virologist at the University of Nicosia in the capital of the Republic of Cyprus has declared that he believes Cyprus should be clear of  the Coronavirus COVID-19 by… mid-July!

Let that sink in a minute.

President Trump, who I wouldn’t trust to tell the truth if his life depended on it, has stated that the crisis may last all summer, and for once I believe him.

Let that sink in.

It’s now mid-march and if the reports are correct, it will be another four months before we can declare ourselves to be free of the #virus.

Let that sink in.

The UK government has stated that people over 70 and those with underlying #health issues should stay at home and avoid any contact with others, for at least the next 12 weeks.

Let that sink in.

In other words, dear reader, we are in this for the long haul and no matter how much you wish this pandemic would end, it will not end for another 12 weeks at least and even then, travel between countries will probably be severely restricted.

Let that sink in.

This is going to be a bruising few months and all our lives are going to change, dramatically, over the next weeks and months. I just hope and pray we get through this without too severe a loss of life.

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