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Today we set forth into no-mans land, the Coronavirus territory that nobody wants to visit… the supermarket. It was a dangerous but necessary strategy and a mission we dreaded. What horrors of toilet paper depletion did we find? None. All was as it was last Saturday, last Wednesday, last… well, last whenever. It was the same it has been since we moved here from Paphos district about 7 or 8 years ago. No zombies, no Armageddon, no apocalyptic madhouse of pillaging and rape. All in all, it was a bit boring really.

We did our shopping for essentials, like bread, milk and wine, it is a Wednesday after all dear reader and we like a tipple on Wednesday as well as Saturday. And then we came home. The only difference is from any other Wednesday, we had to wash the groceries before we put them away.

Wait! What? Wash your groceries?

Yep, dear reader, dangerous times means there are dangerous events everywhere. The enemy lurks in many unseen and unknown corners of our everyday lives.  There is no more dangerous an event than shopping for food and essentials when your enemy is unseen, camouflaged and waiting in deadly stealth mode to strike you down. You see, Coronavirus COVID-19 can survive on certain  packaging for up to 72 hours. Oh yes, it’s not just in the air tonight, it’s on your recently purchased cereal packet or bag of apples as well.

So, now we have to wash our hands and wash our plastic bottles, cardboard (and plastic coated) cartons as well as food bought and sold in plastic, like apples and vegetables and indeed the skins of your carrots and apples as well. Think about it! Someone had to make that lovely and enticing display of succulent red apples in Walmart or Tesco or Alpha Mega… and did they wash their hands first?

COVID-19 is no respecter of simple living, even a vegan who buys from a supermarket will need to wash their veg first.

Life, in the new Coronavirus era can be tedious… and dangerous. Don’t take chances, wash all your shopping before you use it or put it away.

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