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If you’re stuck indoors because of self-isolation and are keeping to a social-distancing regime, then here’s something to keep your mind active. This is a what if scenario and it’s to do with the current Coronavirus Pandemic.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with and whatever you have to hand is your starting point. There is no fuel available for cars and no fuel for home heating. You have enough food to last a week. Now, what if (god forbid) the Coronavirus suddenly got worse and 95% of the worldwide human population succumbed and died. Suddenly gangs are roaming the streets stealing food from other survivors. What would you do to ensure your survival. Eat all the food to hand and have a party? Go out foraging? Pray?

Whatever it is, let me know how you would ensure your survival.

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Tom Kane March 22, 2020
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1) Make sure I have fuel for burning to cook on and for warmth 2) Ensure the place I'm residing in is secure and defend-able 3) Ensure a good supply of food, by bring in at least a milk cow, or goat and chickens for fresh eggs 4) Gather supplies, including medical supplies.

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