It’s been pretty slow going wading my way through 80,000 words in order to put meat on the barebones of The Brittle Sea. There have been times when it has seemed pretty daunting, working at the day job and editing my book as well. Now we have the #Coronavirus it seemed even more of a daunting prospect. However, oddly enough, now that my wife and I have gone into self-isolation (we both have underlying health issues and are both in our sixties) it’s actually a lot easier to edit. Let’s face it, there’s not a lot else to do. But it is slightly bizarre that it’s taken a pandemic to give me the kick in the arse I needed to get this 2nd draft completed.

So I’ve completed 20% of the 2nd draft and am gaining ground more rapidly as I get back into the story. My current estimate is that I will be finishing this draft on time, at the end of March. Then I have to get the book proof read. After that another read through and then editing. Which means the 3rd and final draft should see the light of day by mid-May.

Fingers crossed, dear reader, that the world comes out of the Coronavirus relatively intact and that my novel also sees the light of day soon.

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