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Just one touch, that’s all it took. She had no idea that entering her pin numbers on the keypad was going to be so devastating to her and her family.

Seven days after her panic buying spree, she came down with COVID-19, the dreaded Coronavirus. But she was fine, her symptoms were light and within a few more days she was up and about, no doubt looking for more toilet paper.

Her elderly neighbour, her elderly mother and her small daughter were not so lucky. Her card transaction had turned into a nightmare. Using the elevator in her apartment block had meant the virus was able to spread a lot further. All it took was for her to press the number two to take her to the second floor, and she sealed the fate of at least two unsuspecting people.

Her mother was a sprightly 80 year old with only one health problem, she was a diabetic. But not anymore, she died a terrible death in hospital, four weeks after her daughter went on a panic buying spree.

Her elderly neighbour also died. She had high blood pressure, no cause for concern, until you contract COVID-19.

And the woman’s daughter? She is still in hospital, on a ventilator. The woman can’t get to see here daughter. The mayor in her city has issued a lockdown notice and the entire apartment block is quarantined. The mother hopes her daughter is going to pull through, but she has no idea. She also has no idea that three others in the same apartment block are in a critical condition.

But the saving grace is… at least she won’t run out of toilet paper.

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