The Serendipity of Tumbling Tom

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With the advent of an almost worldwide lock-down due to the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are spending more time in their gardens. So I’m not alone in that annual crusade to battle the weeds and get the garden ship-shape. However, this year has a special impetus to it, because I’m trying to grow more fruit and veg for us to eat just in case getting to the shops to buy food becomes difficult. You may laugh, but there are people in the UK going into supermarkets and almost stripping them bare. This is not only unfair on the general public, it’s particularly unfair to front-line health workers. These medics work odd hours at the best of times, but many are extending their hours, so some supermarkets are declaring that medical staff can go to shop at certain hours and are blocking the public during those hours. That’s only fair, but some rogue shoppers are trying to con the supermarket staff that they are medical workers when they’re not.

Luckily this doesn’t seem to be happening too much here in Cyprus, but even so, if I can save us having to buy certain produce, then it may be that this will help someone else. It’s a gesture, but maybe others will take up the cause as well, who knows. Every little helps, as Tesco likes to say.

One of the variety of tomatoes I’ve sown is called Tumbling Tom. Now this is apt in another way. It’s a good name, Tom, but as I broke seven ribs last October, I thought Tumbling Tom had a certain resonance. I like a little serendipity in my life and when I saw these seeds, well, I had to buy them… having said that, I would rather it was less painful if I experience serendipity again.

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