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It was a bright day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

Thirteen? I hear the world gasp? Okay, maybe not the world, but at least you, dear reader, think I’ve lost the plot. Well, thirteen is what I meant to type as it’s exactly what George Orewell wrote in the opening sentence in his seminal novel, 1984. In an old saying, the mention of a thirteenth stroke of the clock was meant to indicate some event that calls into question everything previously believed in society. If nothing else, 1984 is all about the truth, as we the reader know it, taken against the truth as depicted by Orwell’s creation of a dystopian society in a future 1984. Orwell wrote his novel in the 1930s and it was meant to highlight the perceived corruption that society would experience, if we did not place checks and balances on a communist like society.

Well, in the real world, as we can see with the most powerful democracy in the world, checks and balances don’t mean a thing when the government is led by a corrupt and dishonest leader, enabled by other corrupt and dishonest politicians.

What has struck me during the current health crisis, is that in our democratic societies around the globe, most of the citizens have done what they have been told to do. That is stay home, stay indoors and don’t interact with anyone else. It’s an ideal situation for any corrupt government who outwardly is democratic and pro-choice, but inwardly hell bent on lining their own pockets, to sell the society they promised to protect to the the highest bidder. In our own version of 1984, the corrupt and dishonest regime of Donald Trump is leading American society down a spiraling, out of control, disaster that other societies around the globe are happy to follow. At worst, due to unpreparedness in the face of the pandemic, 40 million people could die. At best, over 1 million will die.

And all we can do as a society is sit back and watch the destruction of our way of life at the hands of people we all trusted to take care of us.

Welcome to your own personal 1984 nightmare. Enjoy the ride.

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