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I started writing a blog about my experiences as an expat Englishman living in Cyprus and never expected it to be popular, just something you may notice in passing and have a quick look at.  The sort of thing you would find at a hairdressers or dentists if it was in magazine of book form. It was that thought that made me think perhaps I should get a few of my blog pieces together and publish them in book form. I started publishing the contents of my blog in 2014, the first book being called, somewhat simplistically, Living in Cyprus. It has proven to be very popular. It’s now called Living in Cyprus:2013 and is the first in a yearly series going up to 2018. The next in line is 2019 which should be published shortly.

The series has proved so popular that I’ve sold over 500 copies and given away 0ver 2,500. That’s 3000+ copies which I think is pretty good. I was so pleased with the good reviews I received I decided to write a book about our experiences moving from England to Cyprus. My wife and I, with our two English Springers, called Harvey and Holly, came over in 2008. The resulting book, A Pat on his Back has sold 500+ copies.

With that knowledge under my belt I was wondering if I had another book in me about my experiences in Cyprus. As A Pat on his Back only took the reader on a journey up until March 2013, then I think it’s safe to say that from 2013 to 2020 and awful lot has happened, not least of which is Brexit, the current Coronavirus crisis and the loss of Harvey to cancer. So I’ve started a new book with the working title of A Place in the Shade, but I may just change that to Crisis? Which Crisis? for obvious reasons.

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You can read free samples of any of my books by clicking on the links below. Please note, Living in Cyprus: 2015 is free.



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