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Yesterday the Cyprus government stiffened their measures against Coronavirus Covid-19. Their original response was enforcing social distancing, banning movement of people and banning people from interacting. All government measures were designed to stop the spread of the virus. However, according to the authorities some were continuing to ignore the government’s crackdown on people interacting. Yesterday, the majority of thirty-five new cases of people with the virus have turned out to be from the same family. This was transmission of the virus within the same family because individuals in that family had not restricted themselves. I wonder how many in that small group will survive their ordeal? Not surprisingly, the Cyprus government has now said enough is enough and have introduced tougher guidelines and more fines if people are found not to be following these guidelines.

Two new restrictions stand out. A curfew at night between 9pm and 6am except for essential workers. And a restriction of banning anyone from being in a household that they do not reside in. The police and local neighbourhood watch people will be doing spot checks to ensure compliance.

Other restrictions have been put in place and new fines introduced, but essentially this is all in response to certain members of the public who believe they are exempt from any restrictions the government puts in place.

Take for example my small neighbourhood. A very small cul-de-sac of around a dozen houses. Over half of the residents are observing the restrictions, yet there’s a handful who are not. I even watched one neighbour yesterday washing the car of his next door neighbour. Not only that he was entering her house and she was coming out talking with him to show what she wanted doing. There wasn’t even a pretense of sticking to a 2 metre gap between them. Why? Why do you need a clean car? Is it worth risking contact with a deadly virus just to admire your clean car on your dive? Utter madness.

The virus is spread so easily and the resulting illness can be devastating, especially when you consider how thoughtless actions can kill your neighbours, or even people you have never met. Take this very short story I wrote as an example of what one touch can do. Read it by clicking here and then sit back and consider what you have been touching around your own home today. Do you really want to interact with your fellow humans so desperately you are willing to enter their homes and spread a virus that may condemn them to a death sentence?

Don’t be stupid, be smart. Stay Home and save lives.

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