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The courtroom drama is written and I’m happy with that, though it took longer than I expected.

My next, and probably final big challenge is building a cannery. No, not in real life, dear reader, but in the book.

My two main characters are Richard Blackmore and Magda Asparov. The cannery is going to be built in 1913-14 in southern Alaska by Magda. Now I’m not about to give away any plot information and spoil it, so don’t worry on that score. But suffice to say the cannery is the nexus of the coming together of these two main characters and is the backdrop to the introduction of book two in the trilogy, this being The Brittle Land.

But, and it’s a big but, I have absolutely no knowledge about canneries in north America in the early 1900s. But luckily I know someone who does, in fact someone who has written a book, a memoir, with a cannery as a backdrop to her story. So, queue author Tara Neilson who has kindly agreed to give me a helping hand. I’ve nearly finished her book Raised in Ruins: A Memoir  which is a cracking read and very useful for information on a lot of things I’m bound to touch on.

So here we go on the final chapter of The Brittle Sea, before I begin the big read through. After that it’s a 3rd draft to tidy it all up and tie up any loose ends. Then it’s proof reading, editing and finally a read through by beta readers, which is where the fun begins.

You can read chapter one by clicking here and there are 20 chapters on my blog from the 1st draft.

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