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It seems that everywhere you go, everywhere you look the news is all about the virus. You cannot escape it, you cannot hide from it, it is all seeing, all consuming and, well, you get the picture. The virus is the be all and end all that has come to dominate our lives since 2016. No, I’ve not gone mad and got my dates mixed. I’m not talking about the Coronavirus Covid-19. True, there is the pandemic America & the world are going through, but America has an epidemic all its own making and Donald J. Trump is the virus. It is that all pervading slithering and wretched snake in the grass that has fogged the minds of a big proportion of America’s once great people. The Trump-1 virus, and let’s be brutally honest, it is a virus of the heart and mind, has gripped America since Trump was elected. It’s also been in danger of sucking in the rest of the world as well. We all watch our TVs for a good laugh, to see what idiot Trump will do or say next.

But fear not, people of America, the cavalry is just over that hill in the far distance. The cavalry is in the shape of a vaccine for the Trump-1 virus and it’s called simply the truth. Unfortunately, the truth in America is currently on life support and the prognosis is not good.

If, like me, you thankfully live in that real and sane place that is called the Rest of the World then you can afford to sit back and look on, aghast, at the seemingly downward spiral America’s terminal route into oblivion has taken. It’s a dive that if America does not pull out, and pull out soon, will see the patient that is America remain in a coma for years to come and lose that once coveted position of leader of the free world. Indeed after Covid-19 and Trump-1 do their worst, there will be a nation of fractured states all in a daze and simply watching their democracy collapse around them.

I’m not a political commentator or a scientist or a clever man with a degree. I never went to university and learned all I know the hard way in the University of Life. But even I can see the warning signs and could see the danger of electing a con artist such as Trump to the highest office in the land.

I hope the vaccine, the truth, helps you recover soon America. Because without it, you’re a lost cause and no longer relevant in our world, the Real World.

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