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I’m getting so close to the end in respect of the 2nd draft and literally the end of the story, yet I seem to be slowing down. It’s almost as if the the great writer spirit in the sky doesn’t want me to finish. But I know it’s only a psychological response, I am actually writing at my normal speed.

The end was originally written months ago. However, I have now changed that ending to something else and will use that ending for the close of book two, The Brittle Land. It’s in book two of the trilogy that the actual conflict between two families becomes apparent and two antogonists emerge. The two main characters in The Brittle Sea, Blackmore and Magda/Maggie are both in book two, but as book two takes us forward to the late 1920s and the Wall Street Crash of 1929, these two characters are getting a little old and creaky… or are they? Maybe there is life in the old sea dog yet, who knows. I’ll say no more.

Book three of the trilogy, The Brittle Sky, is taking the story to the end of World War II and a little beyond that. It will see the resolution of the murderous family feud that has built up in all three books.

Having said that, things may change. You have to bear in mind, dear reader, that a story with multiple arcs and characters does tend to take on a life of its own and when that happens, well, who knows where the characters will lead me.

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Click on this hastage, #TheBrittleSea to read the first five chapters. Publication of The Brittle Sea is planned for the summer of 2020.


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