image from the novel The Brittle Sea

The 2nd draft is now completed and I can now say The Brittle Sea is a novel which is 127,000 words long with a beginning, a middle and a dramatic end.

Now here’s where the hard part begins.

Next is a read through. This will reveal and plot holes, bits that don’t fit, sections I may move onto the 2nd book, The Brittle Land, and generally make the book read okay. Then it’s onto a proof read or two, a full edit and then it’s a read through from my beta readers. The beta readers are scheduled for early June and then it’s onto my final read through which takes me to the end of June.

Fingers crossed I will publish sometime in July. That’s the plan, you know, one of those best laid plans of mice and men that Shakespeare loves to go on about.

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Read the first few chapters by clicking on this #TheBrittleSea



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