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I decided to get the first round of editing out the way, because if I start a read through I will be forever seeing something that isn’t right and needs fixing. So I’m now 16% through the 127,000 words, or 72 chapters, however you want to view it.

I’m using ProWritingAid to check my novel and I thought I would see what it finds in spelling mistakes in English and then do the same in American English. Only 6 spelling mistakes in English were reported as opposed to 1532 in American English. What was it Churchill or Oscar Wilde or Shawe said, “two nations divided by a common language” I think that was the quote. I beg to differ. There is only one English, there is no such thing as British English despite what Microsoft and others keep annoyingly suggesting. You either speak or write in English. However, there are variations, i.e., American English, Canadian English, Australian English and I could go on with many more examples.

I once had the onerous task of trying to persuade an American friend that there is only one Englsh language. British English is not a derivative of English, it simply does not exist. She insisted it did and I continued to point out that just because Microsoft put it as an option in Word, does not mean it’s correct. We parted as friends but haven’t spoken since.

But I digress and will jump off my hobby-horse for a few minutes. It is going to be an issue with such a volume of work, to get it ‘translated’ to American English. I’m sure it will need to be done otherwise some words may not express the correct meaning. Just one more thing you need to bear in mind as an Indie Author.

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