Historical Fiction – The Brittle Sea: Read Through Update #2

image blogger typing
image blogger typing

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Thirty percent into reading ‘The Brittle Sea’ for the first time, and I’m surprised at how well it reads. But then, I’m biased, I wrote it.

I am finding it easier to edit and read through and then re-edit or re-write because of the way I’ve developed a system over the years.

I use Microsoft Word to write my novel and when I’m ready I use ProWritngAid, which is embedded into Word,  to do the first full edit.

Once the edit is complete I open the document in Atlantis Word processor and save the document as a mobi file.

The mobi file is then sent to my kindle using an app from Amazon, called ‘Send to Kindle’ which will then put the manuscript onto my Kindle Fire.

Now I can read it as if it were a book I had just purchased, giving it a professional look I can alter later if need be, but also I can see any oddities in the text that need correcting. These I can then annotate and once I’ve finished reading my book I view my notes on my Kindle Fire and go back to the original document in Word and make appropriate changes.

It’s all a lot slicker than when I first started writing using a portable typewriter and a bottle of Tippex. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but give me a high-tech world any day.

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