The Brittle Sea: Read Through Update #3

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image from the novel The Brittle Sea

My first read through is complete and I’ve found about 130 typos and silly mistakes. But also I’ve identified three rewrites. I’m estimating the final draft will be about 100,000 words long. Which I’m thinking is going to be around 340 pages.

So, by the time all those typos have been fixed and I’ve completed the rewrites I still have the front cover to sort out. I’ve gone through three designs so far, none of which hit the spot. So now I have to spend a little time with Photoshop to get this knocked on the head.

But more importantly, I’m still on track for a June release. I’ve also managed to get 10k of the sequel ‘The Brittle Land’ completed and a couple of thousand words of the third in the trilogy, ‘The Brittle Sky.’

The Brittle Trilogy Timeline
The Brittle Sea – 1911 to 1914: New York & Alaska
The Brittle Land – 1914 to 1939 France, USA & UK
The Brittle Sky – 1939 to 1966 Europe, Florida (air training) Europe Florida space race, Russia

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