The Music Years: Gerry Rafferty 1978

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In 1978 I turned a corner. I quit my job and started to work for myself. I had a goal, a vision in fact, of using technology to get myself into writing a book and at the same time teach myself how to program a conputer. There were only two problems on the horizon. The personal computer, in the form of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was more than three years away from its launch and I didn’t earn enough to buy a computer anyway. But that didn’t stop me, I took a well paid and boring job in a warehouse and saved up, ready for when the computer revolution started.

In the meantime, I was still open for business socially and would spend evenings down at my local pub or the local Uni bar. And this is where I heard Baker Street.

From the minute the saxaphone started up, I was hooked. It was something of a watershed moment as my previous music likes were mainly loud rock music. But Baker Street was smooth, melodic and lyrical. What a way stylish way to end a job and begin a long career in computers.

And it worked, a few years later I was a computer programmer and in a short while I had built my own multimedia business.

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