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I’m just over 30 chapters titled in book two the the Brittle Saga Trilogy, The Brittle Land. Another 30 entitled chapters and I’m virtually finished planning.

With over 10k in words already written, I’m estimating I’ll be finished the first draft by October 2020. If I’m really lucky I’ll have The Brittle Land out in time for Christmas 2020.

Now, here’s where the real grind starts with over a 1,000 words needing to be written on a daily basis.

Luckily for me it’s set in a period I know pretty well, so I’m not having to do a massive amount of research.

The Brittle Sky, book three in the trilogy, is going to be very different. I know a lot about the early period, but then we’re onto some high-tech stuff in the space race along with a lot of research needed for that and the cold war. There’s only one way I can gain some of this information. I need to visit what’s left of the Berlin Wall and also the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida.

That should be fun achieving in the middle of a Pandemic.

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