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You’re a bean of Columbian distinction
you need to be roasted to perfection.
Not too much, not to dark,
you have to be right for those up with the lark.

When the time comes to ground,
do it right the first time round,
there’s no going back, no second chance,
don’t leave it to luck or just a glance.

Grounds of distinction, need to be right.
Not to big! Not so small… and never too light.
You’re a medium, roast, for this breakfast host,
and taste is what I want with my toast.

And when the time comes, for you to shine,
pour that water in just to the line.
Never too much, always enough,
for if you go to far it’s watered down stuff.

Hubble, bubble and gurgling delight,
that powerful aroma that comes with dawn’s light.
And then the moment, when a sip is taken,
the sheer delight when your taste buds awaken.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2020

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