What is it about eyes. Why is it when we look into the eyes of certain people, we feel lost in the moment and suddenly your heart is pounding and butterflies have just burst forth in the pit of your stomach.

Then again sometimes you can get an altogether creepier feeling when certain people give you a cold stare, a look devoid of all human love.

The eyes have it, that’s for sure. Some can wield eyes like weapons and others can make your heart melt.

But sometimes eyes are key in some truly awful crimes.

There is the reported revenge a teenager took out on his trans friend. He reportedly gouged out his friend’s eyes before killing her. This in revenge for an alleged rape on the alleged killer’s girlfriend. Or the case of the man allegedly killing his wife using eye-drops in her food.

Of course there is always the other side of the coin, the absurd side that is. For it seems a lion is almost certainly less likely to attack cattle when the poor cow has an eye painted on her backside.

And then there’s yet another side to the coin (yes, I have a magic multi-sided coin) in that you can cry yourself to death. Okay, I’m stretching an unproven point here, but some scientists actually believe you can die from a broken heart. In which case you were probably crying a lot, I know I did, and ooops, too much crying and red rubbed eyes and down you go, dead as dead can be.

So we can see that eyes are not only amazingly good for seeing things, they can be windows to our souls and can lead to extreme forms of death.

Just keep this in mind next time your partner suggests a heavily spiced curry and your eyedrops suddenly disappear.

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