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Being stressed is something a lot of people know about, these days of Pandemic and general insanity in the world. My current workload some would consider stressful, here’s what I’m up to over the next week or so.

I’m moving to a new house, which is considered to be one of the most stressful things you can do in life.

Something else considered stressful is selling a business. So, I’m doing that at the same time as moving. This means re-configuring two PCs, re-calibrating equipment and training the new owners, all over the next two days.

Did I mention I was selling off unwanted furniture too, which isn’t going too well so it’s off to the auctions with it.

Of course, owning an apartment I rent out to tourists has been hard during a Pandemic in the summer. It’s even harder is trying to rent out my holiday apartment for the winter during a Pandemic.

I have an aging dog, Holly, who, bless her, is peeing and having a poo at inappropriate times and places. But she’s my little puppy dog, so it’s fine, I just make sure I have a good supply of paper towels.

All this at the same time? Have I gone insane?

Nah, it’s fine, just plod along and get it done. You want to know what my secret is to not living a stressful life? Don’t worry. Worry is only going to make things worse. Be calm, be at peace. List all the things you need to get done and go through them one at a time. If you ignore all the petty little outside distractions and concentrate on the now, a lot of other stress inducing aggravations will either fall to the wayside or take their tun in line. One thing at a time and, if you have to do a job, do it well and to the best of your abilities. But above all else, do not worry. Stress can lead to all sorts of health issues, so give yourself a break and be cool, calm and collected. Oh, and forget the ‘I can multi-task’ BS. That ways lies even more stress because I doubt any human, unless you’re a well-trained astronaut or fighter pilot, can truly do an excellent job on any task if they are attempting to multi-task.

Oh, did I mention the book I was writing too?

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I’m currently writing The Brittle Land, sequel to The Brittle Sea.




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