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As an Indie Author, writing a kdp book is a time consuming, grueling and sometimes thankless task. You only have yourself to blame if nobody likes it and it doesn’t sell.

Well, that’s not strictly true because sales are usually down to marketing, good or bad. And yes, if the book sucks then you can’t expect people to buy it.

A few years back I did NaNoWriMo, actually I did it two years on the trot and it nearly killed me. But out of the ashes of my smouldering old laptop, when I finished stabbing the keys and abusing the poor computer, came a novel. It was called The Writing on the Wall and it was a paranormal horror story. Nobody, it seemed, liked it. I got a lot of negative response from readers on Goodreads and no sales on Amazon. So, I essentially took it off sale after a few years and let it languish.

Eventually though, because I thought it was a good story and still had legs, I rewrote it as a darker and erotic paranormal novel. I re-published after taking advice from a good friend on Twitter, and again nothing happened. One sale that garnered a very poor 1-star review on Amazon. I know, dear reader, it can be depressing being an Indie Author!

But, in the interim of my ignoring the book and eventually taking it off sale, something happened that I failed to notice. On Goodreads The Writing on the Wall eventually received a 3.5 rating. Mostly they were poor but there was a 5-star and a 3-star. Even more surprising, was a 5-star rating on Amazon! In June 2013 my book received this review “excellent. a riveting read that kept me interested all the way through the book, an excellent story well written novel and intrigeing.”

So just as the book was gaining good reviews, I whipped it of the Amazon virtual shelves, rewrote it and published it as an entirely different book! Here’s where my original kdp book, didn’t become my kdp book anymore. Because I published a new book,  The Writing on the Wall and it’s 5-star Amazon review ceased to exits and could not have that 5-star review given to The Demon Murders. The fact they are the same book doesn’t matter. The Demon Murders was published as a different book, and that means all those reviews on Goodreads & Amazon, good and bad, do not apply to The Demon Murders.

So, dear reader, here’s a plea from the heart. Give a good book a second chance. Read a sample by clicking on the link below and leave a review on Twitter or your blog.

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