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When you move home, all else in your life tends to take a back seat until you’re settled in your new home.

If you’re a writer you can then spend time catching up with your projects.

If you’re a blogger as well, you can find the time to wade through the 150 comments your blog has attracted while you moved home.

The thing is, every blogger wants more traffic and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to attract an audience. It’s not easy. Yet comments ranging from Lola wants a sugar daddy to Bitcoin is the next best thing since sliced bread are easy to come by. Is there any synergy in this? Of course not, it’s the universe playing its little game of, “Oh, lets target Tom Kane and shower him with rubbish and watch him pull his hair out.” Well, universe, I’ve spent too many years tearing my hair out (just look at the picture) so from this point on, do your worst because I am not going to jump to your tune anymore.

Rant over.

Get back to work.

Nothing to see here.

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