Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover

It’s a famous saying, ‘Don’t Judge a Book by the Cover’ but oddly enough it’s inaccurate to use this saying when it comes to marketing a book. Because the cover is the first thing a potential buyer is going to see. Be it in an actual bookstore or online, the first thing most potential buyers will see is the cover. And that is a problem for many indie authors because we have no idea what the cover of our own books should look like, despite having authored the book. What makes it harder is everyone seems to want to write a book these days and that means there are so many book covers out there, it’s hard to make your own stand out from the crowd.

As it this moment in time, 11:23 on 11th September 2020 there have been 1,873,460 books published so far in 2020. Think about that, almost 2 million books and by the end of the year it’s liable to be well over 2 million.

So how do you get your book noticed? Unfortunately, I have no magic-wand to offer you, no secret solution. But I have learned one thing in the years since I started publishing my own books. Your book cover needs to have impact. Obviously, the cover plays a crucial role in attracting an audience. Using a professional designer, someone from Fiverr or doing it yourself is no guarantee of ensuring your book cover stands out from the crowd. It’s a game of numbers and to make yours stand out against a field of almost 2 million is never going to be easy. Especially when you factor in another number, how many will see your book on social media.

Most indie authors use social media to promote their book. That means you will have a starting point of the number that follow you on social media. Take my account on Twitter. I have 14k followers. But, I know full well that a few thousand of those are probably dormant accounts. Now take into account how many actually see your book promotion when you Tweet it. I bet there are very few of those 14k that see what I Tweet. But you can gain more when people on Twitter re-tweet your posting. But if Mr Smith re-tweets your posting, and he only has 650 followers, your Tweet isn’t going to go too far. The lesson here is you cannot simply rely on Twitter or Facebook. You need extra leverage. Paid advertising perhaps? Maybe, but even that is hit and miss. Advertising on Amazon is no gaurentee of sales and that’s the Holy Grail of book advertising.

It’s really down to a good cover, good blurb and a really good smattering of luck.

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