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Where Does Humanity Go From Here?

As we all know, humanity is living in the midst of a pandemic that has the possibility of killing millions of humans across the globe and is so rampant in some modern countries it makes you wonder whose in charge, the government or the virus.

Add to that the craziness inflicted on humans by their own governments, you know who you are Donald Trump. Factor in the lack of social care for the elderly and medical care for the sick and so many other factors its no wonder some of us are slightly feeling the strain.

Because of the pandemic and the likes of Trump, money in all societies is having to be borrowed on massive scales, never seen before, even in wartime. So it beggars belief that NASA are still banging on about humans living on the moon. Hello! We can’t keep the people on this planet safe and you’re wanting to go to the moon… again. You blew it the last time so what makes you think you can do it this time?

All in all, with the pandemic, NASA, Trump, Putin, BoJo, Brexit, the EU, China, lockdown, lockup, lock-in and all the other niggly things we as humans can normally ignore, it’s no wonder we’re all getting a teensy-weensy tetchy with each other.

Where do we go from here? We can carry on in a spiral downwards, but that way lies madness. I think though that nature has other plans and I think we may find that though it’s going to be a rough end to 2020 and a not so auspicious start to 2021, things will start to look brighter and we may even have a vaccine for Covid-19, a cure for the cult that is Donald Trump and maybe a recession in the far-right craziness engulfing many nations.

After all, when you get to the bottom, the only way is up.

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