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Historical Fiction: The Brittle Land – Maggie’s Hazardous Journey

The Brittle Land is the sequel to The Brittle Sea and book two in the Brittle Saga trilogy.

Magda Asparov, a young woman from Ukraine, has been betrothed to marry Matthew Turner, a corrupt American businessman, by her parents. Though it’s an arranged marriage, Magda is more than happy to comply, knowing full well she will be able to manipulate the older Turner. But the Titanic carrying Magda sinks. Magda loses her memory and a new personality, Maggie, takes hold. Richard Blackmore, Captain of her rescue ship, falls in love with Maggie. What follows is a long-drawn out tragedy for Richard Blackmore and the suppression of Maggie’s persona for long periods of time.

As they made their way through the thick tangled forest, Maggie followed Charlie, with his daughter between them. Charlie had obviously made the journey before, maybe several times as far as Maggie knew, because he was very sure footed. Maggie on the other hand stumbled several times, always managing to stay upright and the baby safe in its papoose. Charlie’s daughter frequently stopped and waited for Maggie.

“How old are you?” Maggie asked the girl, after she stumbled once more and stopped her fall by catching hold of a large branch to her right.

“She ten,” Charlie called back, his Chinese accent as pronounced as ever.

“Cat got her tongue?”

“No speak English,” Charlie said, stopping and taking a sip of water from his canteen. It was hot and humid, despite the chill of a grey dawn. “She good girl.”

“I’m sure she is,” Maggie said. “How much further until we leave this wretched forest?”

“No far. Shore there,” Charlie said, pointing to their right.

“Thank goodness for that. Let’s get out of here as soon as possible. I need to get to Richmond quickly.”

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A review for #TheBrittleSea

“Tom Kane’s writing style is evocative and authentic. The characters are dexterously written – I found myself rooting for some while absolutely loathing others. The miasma of gloom and despair perfectly sets the tone for the intriguing tale.”

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