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If you’re an indie author and your goal in life as a writer is to sell your books, then there are two essential tools you will need. Assuming you have everything else you need at your disposal, like a laptop, word processing software and other things like a coffee pot, then you are set for writing. But, in order to showcase your writing you will need two more things.

A Blog/Website

Your Books on Amazon

Okay, if you don’t have anything for sale yet then the latter item is not going to help you during this little lesson in marketing your books. But bear with me anyway.

Your Potential Reader

A reader, any reader, who wants to read a book, especially an eBook, will probably want to start their search for a new book on Amazon. It’s the biggest book market in the world, so as an indie author why wouldn’t you want your books for sale on Amazon.

Let’s assume you have a blog, probably WordPress, and you have books for sale on Amazon. Now you can take advantage of a little known and little used facility Amazon provides to all books they sell. So, go to Amazon and look for a book, how about one of mine, A Pat on His Back. Here’s the ASIN – B00BFWCXOS.

Once you have found the book you will have a screen up that looks something like this.

How an Indie Author Can Tease the Reader

indie author reader blog

Take a look at the bottom right of the screen and you will see Share with social media logos. It will also have <Embed> to the far right and that is what you want to click.

Next you will see this screen.

indie author book reader

Select Embed on your site (HTML) and you will get this display.

indie author book reader

The code displayed is used to create an iFrame within your blog/website. What it means is that your potential reader can read a sample of your work, there and then, without installing any software or moving away.

You can choose different sizes by selecting See more options. On the right you will see a representation of what this iFrame HTML will create. At the bottom your readers will get a chance to preview your book, which will give them around 20% of your book to read. Also the reader can share and buy your book.

If you have a WordPress blog then you will probably need a plugin that will allow you to create iFrames within your blog post.

These code snippets are ideal for content marketing of your book. Even if the content you are writing is nothing to do with any of your books, you can still add this to the end of your content. Scroll to the bottom of this page and you will see what I mean.

Using Amazon’s own feature to add more value to your content is not only going to get you more readers, it will also be seen by Google’s ubiquitous bot crawlers as a positive thing which will ultimately help you in your efforts to better your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and of course your SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

If you’re not sure what SERPs and SEO are and what they can do for you as an indie author, then I’ll be placing more content on this subject on my blog from time to time. Or you can ask me a question on Twitter @TigerBites.

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Click here to visit the Amazon page for A Pat on His Back.

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