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Historical Fiction

Tools Used in Telling a Tale

In my historical fiction novel, The Brittle Sea, the Titanic is simply a tool used in the writing to introduce my readers to my star-crossed lovers, Maggie and Richard Blackmore. The ship and its sinking are the foundation, a simple building block used to introduce these lovers and then introduce a variety of other compelling characters. Like the killer William Harker and the corrupt governor of Sing-Sing prison, as well as shadowy figures in the background of what is essentially a romance, married to a story of mental illness, murder and criminal intent. All this against a backdrop of a still young country where business, enterprise and fortunes are created, sometimes on the back of innocent bystanders.

Your Book Cover Needs to Stand Out

Another tool in the author’s arsenal is the cover to the novel. This new cover, I hope, conveys the desperate circumstances Maggie finds herself in against a backdrop of world turmoil and the destruction wrought on herself and those she loves.

Families at war is both a figurative and actual description of The Brittle Land. Which takes us to the very brink of destruction for one family. But after many years of being denied justice, a hero finally claims his true love.

But that true love reaps true hate in the beginning of the third book, where the depression years across the globe instils yet more hatred in the families at war, until total war on a global scale burns across the skies of beleaguered Britain and Europe in The Brittle Sky.

The Brittle Saga Trilogy

The Brittle Sea introduces the reader to a family saga, in fact a saga of two families, brought together with crossed swords of hate where one will not bow down to the other, and the only way forward is to crush your opponent. In that moment, a vendetta is born which spills over into book two, The Brittle Land. Against a backdrop of world war and pandemic, the world witnesses an astronomical loss of life. And when the destruction is no more, mother nature takes her turn and the land is ravaged by the weather and a banking system built on a house of cards. Our families, through all, continue their destructive vendetta and battle head to head on more than one front.

The Brittle Land leads us into The Brittle Sky, covering World War 2 and the Cold War. With a world plunged into an exhausting depression, which has changed beyond recognition to those who fought for liberty in the Great War, a new war sees Allied bomber crews make sortie after sortie across the cold and brittle skies of northern Europe, where some will survive, but many will perish. Lovers are torn asunder and the norms of a ravaged world are lost in a miserable peace.

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