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The world breathed a collective sigh of relief when the first vaccine against Covid-19 was released. Now though, amid nervous words from the chattering masses, it seems here in Cyprus we may have hit a potential glitch with the mass vaccination of the populace. There is a potential scandal brewing on the island of love, and if this Cyprus Covid-19 Vaccine Scandal comes to pass, there will be little love to go round, especially towards politicians. The potential scandal, of course, revolves around money.

The state budget has been put to the politicians and to many people’s amazement it was rejected. The reason? Well, there isn’t one really, it was simply rejected on political grounds, the opposition trying to score points. Now as it stands, there is a real possibility that the huge majority of us won’t get a sniff of the vaccine, let alone receive an injection, until mid-summer 2021. It seems the vaccine already here is obviously going to the medical staff, armed forces and civil units like the police, oh, and the first person to get a vaccination was the President!

As the government has already announced they will open the borders in March to anybody who carries a vaccination certificate, isn’t is a little unfair on the population here? If we don’t get the vaccination until the summer and people from the UK who have had the vaccination are allowed in. It’s going to cause a lot of unrest.

So what is the actual scandal. It seems that the EU is in charge of procuring the vaccines and had already placed orders for Astra-Zeneca’s and Pfizer’s vaccines. So why are people jumping up and down? Because they fear we won’t manage to be able to afford anymore because the budget has been rejected. To me that’s a non-starter because I’m pretty sure the EU would not see a member state go without. And even WHO (World Health Organisation) have stated that they will ensure everyone will get a vaccination because they already have a fund set aside in order to supply the vaccine even where the state cannot afford to buy it.

I think the scandal is that politicians seem to be at the front of the queue for this vaccine, and no heed is being paid to the greater populace who are the people who generate the countries income from taxes and bringing in much needed funds from tourism.

A classic case of one rule for some and another for those in power. It’s shameful.

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