The Brittle Sky

historical fiction

The Brittle Sky is the third and final book in my Brittle Saga trilogy, Historical Fiction and Romance.

It has an unusual opening in the form of a poem and Chapter One being the same chapter that starts the Brittle Sea and the Brittle Land. In other words, each of the three books has the same chapter/scene starting it off, but the chapters are describing the same scene though from three different perspectives.

It’s not often I write poetry, but I sometimes do and this one seemed a good start for The Brittle Sky before the action begins.

See what you think.

There I saw my mother, as she was when I was young

Eyes so bright and shining

Reflected by the sun

But soon her smile did turn to tears and fear was in her eyes

Darkness crowded in that place

Beyond the brittle skies

This seemed apt for me to include it.

Publishing December 2021

Copyright © Tom Kane 2020



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