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The Brittle Land Historical Fiction Book Extract 4

The story so far.

Magda Asparov travels to America on the Titanic for an arranged marriage to a corrupt American businessman, Matthew Turner III. When the Titanic hits an iceberg on the crossing from Britain to America, Magda is saved. But in the trauma of the sinking, Magda is knocked unconscious. When she awakes in the Captain’s cabin of her rescue ship, The Lady Jane, Magda has no idea who she is, her memory of herself prior to the Titanic tragedy has been wiped.

Magda is renamed Maggie by the rescue ship’s captain, Richard Blackmore, and on arrival in New York Blackmore takes her under his wing. The couple fall in love.

But lurking in the background is Matthew Turner, and his henchman, the deadly killer William Harker, who is searching for news of Magda.

Eventually, Magda’s memory is restored, and she is kidnapped by Harker. Turner is astounded when it turns out Magda is with child.

Eventually, under some duress, Magda weds Turner and the couple make a new home with a new business in Alaska. But Richard Blackmore is hot on their trail.

The Brittle Sea historical fiction novel review:

“From the gripping first scene The Brittle Sea becomes and stays, a fast paced page turner. I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter and now I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.”

A Friend in Need

A movement in the darkness of the forest failed to attract anyone’s attention. A figure stood, slowly. Like a shadow with it’s own will, it remained motionless until the clearing was fully deserted. Then the shadow moved, slowly and silently, keeping as quiet as possible. The shadow waited until the departing people made their way down the track. Slowly, carefully and quietly, the shadow moved into the clearing, then, more quickly, made it’s way to the edge of the cliff where Blackmore had fallen, warily skirting round the dead bear.

“My god,” he muttered under his breath, looking round in desperation, then peering over the edge. “Richard? Richard?”

Copyright © Tom Kane 2020

You can read an excerpt from The Brittle Sea here.


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