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The Brittle Land Historical Fiction Book Extract 5

The story so far.

Magda Asparov travels to America on the Titanic for an arranged marriage to a corrupt American businessman, Matthew Turner III. When the Titanic hits an iceberg on the crossing from Britain to America, Magda is saved. But in the trauma of the sinking, Magda is knocked unconscious. When she awakes in the Captain’s cabin of her rescue ship, The Lady Jane, Magda has no idea who she is, her memory of herself prior to the Titanic tragedy has been wiped.

Magda is renamed Maggie by the rescue ship’s captain, Richard Blackmore, and on arrival in New York Blackmore takes her under his wing. The couple fall in love.

But lurking in the background is Matthew Turner, and his henchman, the deadly killer William Harker, who is searching for news of Magda.

Eventually, Magda’s memory is restored, and she is kidnapped by Harker. Turner is astounded when it turns out Magda is with child.

Eventually, under some duress, Magda weds Turner and the couple make a new home with a new business in Alaska. But Richard Blackmore is hot on their trail.

The Brittle Sea historical fiction novel review:

“The Brittle Sea has all that a fictional romp through history can have—arranged marriage, tragic love story, mystery and a bad guy you’ll love to hate. Tom Kane is an excellent storyteller.”

Maggie’s War

The farmhouse was an old and dilapidated southern style mansion. Maggie wondered why anyone would want to build a house in Canada that was more suited to the type of houses found in Charleston, South Carolina. The property owner could not, or would not, say, except to voice the opinion his deceased wife was somewhat crazy. However, Maggie liked the property, and the best part was she had enough money to buy it with quite a bit left over. In fact, she could afford to buy two houses like this.

The cannery was obviously profitable, but she herself, or rather her other self, had set the cannery up, and by all accounts Turner had little input with Magda overruling him on most issues. With that knowledge, Maggie decided that if her other half could build a profitable business, then so could she. Only she would create a grain farm and a stud farm. She knew of the war in Europe and knew the USA would be involved, if not in direct conflict then certainly in selling arms, food, and horses to the combatants.

The wooden flooring creaked as Maggie was walked through the house by the owner.

“The floors will need to be replaced,” she said, looking at the owner in a sad and soulful manner. She wasn’t used to being around people but knew, somehow, that this look may help in reducing the price of the house.

The owner didn’t bat an eyelid.

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