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Historical Fiction

The story so far.

Magda Asparov travels to America on the Titanic for an arranged marriage to a corrupt American businessman, Matthew Turner III. When the Titanic hits an iceberg on the crossing from Britain to America, Magda is saved. But in the trauma of the sinking, Magda is knocked unconscious. When she awakes in the Captain’s cabin of her rescue ship, The Lady Jane, Magda has no idea who she is, her memory of herself prior to the Titanic tragedy has been wiped.

Magda is renamed Maggie by the rescue ship’s captain, Richard Blackmore, and on arrival in New York Blackmore takes her under his wing. The couple fall in love.

But lurking in the background is Matthew Turner, and his henchman, the deadly killer William Harker, who is searching for news of Magda.

Eventually, Magda’s memory is restored, and she is kidnapped by Harker. Turner is astounded when it turns out Magda is with child.

Eventually, under some duress, Magda weds Turner and the couple make a new home with a new business in Alaska. But Richard Blackmore is hot on their trail.

The Brittle Sea historical fiction novel review:

“It’s got romance. It’s got murder and mystery. It is told from different points of views which I enjoy in a book because you get more depth. This is book one of three and it’s an outstanding start.”

Harkers Family

William Harker was a happy man. With money in the bank, a nice house in a nice, secluded neighborhood and his family around him.  From now on he decided he would retire from his old line of work, extortion and murder were a young man’s job. He had certainly done well for himself and in his old haunts he was much feared. But now he wanted to move in more gentile company and enjoy the fruits of his ill-gotten gains. To that end, Harker moved the bulk of his wealth into stocks & shares, including Government Bonds and other share issues he was not altogether familiar with. The world of big business and high finance were something of a mystery to him, but as luck would have it, he knew a man who could point him in the right direction. His broker was one Jerome Salter. Harker trusted Salter to the extent he trusted any man, which means he didn’t trust him at all. But Harker had no choice if he wanted his fortune in a place as safe as Wall Street, Harker had been reliably informed that Wall Street was as safe as the London Stock Exchange or even Fort Knox.

Harker’s wife, on the other hand, was a lost soul and had been for several years. When Harker’s wife became pregnant with their first child, it was a shock to both when the baby boy was stillborn. Mrs. Harker never fully recovered from that shock. Yes, she functioned as a human being, but the emotional shock had left her drained. Harker expected the arrival of the twins would give her more cause to come out of her fugue. It did not. If anything, she grew distant from the twins and her husband. She looked after the twins, a boy and a girl, but that was as far as her emotional attachment to the twins, or indeed to Harker, went. She was cold towards everyone and would not let anybody enter her timeless world where her little boy was still alive.

And so it was that William Harker and his wife moved their separate ways. Harker moved ever more into social circles and his wife, Florence, moved deeper into her own fantasy world. She did no housework, cooked no meals, and only ensured her interaction with the twins was minimal. Did they but know it, Florence and William Harker had that one thing in common, neither showed any interest in their twin’s upbringing, this being left to a nanny and house servants. By the time the twins were aged two, they referred to their nanny as mamma. Dadda didn’t come into their vocabulary until much later, when Harker began demanding the children’s attention, beating them into saying dadda when he wanted them to acknowledge him. A cruel and heartless father and a mother lost in her own fantasy was Fenella and Phillip’s lot in life.

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You can read an excerpt from The Brittle Sea here.

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