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church heaven

In the village I live in, north of Paphos in Cyprus, there is a lovely church that sits impressively on a hill, surrounded by small houses and bungalows. As you can see from the picture, it’s a good size and the bell tower rings out on religious festivals and at certain times over the week-end.

This church is my next door neighbour. If you look at the picture, the bushes just behind the low wall is part of an enclosure for a children’s play area. To the left of this is a path and next door to that is my house. It’s such a quiet and peaceful area.

The car park for the church is quite large, so the first Sunday here I expected many cars in the car park, but oddly enough there were very few. It was the same the following Sunday and in fact every Sunday since November 2020. I naturally assumed this was due to Covid-19 restrictions.

This area, unlike some I’ve lived in, is very recycling friendly and the bins for collections of separated paper, glass and plastic are in the church car park. As I walked through the car park the other day, I noticed for the first time some markings on the tarmac. Lo and behold (religious pun intended, dear reader) I spied a circle in white. And what was in the middle of that circle? A capital H was there. This car park has been designated as a Helipad. Now, forgive me for being naive about religion, as I’m an atheist, but as Led Zeppelin once sang, isn’t the path to heaven supposed to be a stairway?

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