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Writing Fiction

When you are writing fiction, the telling of the tale in an interesting and entertaining way is paramount. Nobody wants to read something that is boring. A bored reader is an ex-reader. Make your story interesting to earn a bigger audience. But also bear in mind when you are drafting your fiction book, you must keep your audience’s attention. There is little point in getting the reader’s attention in chapter one, only to lose the reader in subsequent chapters. It’s a continual struggle for all fiction writers to create something that is interesting, entertaining, and compelling. From short flash fiction to novels the size of War & Peace you must make sure the story is entertaining.

A Twist in the Tale

A plot twist is an effective way of keeping your readers on their toes. A classic way to hold the reader’s attention is the whodunnits of Agatha Christie fame. Who committed the crime? How did they do it? These are all used as standard in many books and your readers are going to be asking the question throughout. If you can manage to keep the mystery going for your entire book, then you have kept the reader entertained. But here’s an extra boost for your story, throw a wrench in the works. Just when all fingers are pointing toward the obvious baddie in your story, turn it around and make it look like somebody else did the dirty deed. But don’t fall into the trap of making your plot twist too twisty that you end up tying yourself in knots. If you fall foul of this your whole story may unravel and become unbelievable.

Introduce a Wild Card

A wild card dropped into a story, either a new character or a character everyone thought was dead or simply an unforeseen turn of events can go a long way to making your audience think about what is going on.

And in the End

There’s sometimes a desire to make your story longer than it needs to be. I would resist the temptation to extend a story beyond its life by adding bits in here and there. As too many cooks spoil a broth, to many additions can destroy a story’s natural flow.

But equally sometimes a story takes on a life of its own and you find yourself writing increasingly more content. If that is the case then consider making one book into two, or even three. Trilogies have long been a staple of many an author’s writing output.

So, bear in mind throughout your writing, you need to entertain your audience and keep their attention on your story. Do that and you won’t go far wrong.

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