Age and Time Go Hand in Hand

Time isn’t something you can see, taste or touch. At best time is an abstract and at worse time takes its toll on everything. We age, the world ages, our loved-one’s age, our pets age and in the end, the sun, the moon, and the stars all age. And at the end of time, it will all cease to exist and if any universe follows ours, nobody who exists in it will ever know anything about us.

Time can be a morbid subject, if you reflect too long and too hard on your own ageing and mortality. We all die, no point crying about it.

You’ve all been told what you can and cannot do at the age you reach on your birthday. “Oh, another year and still not married?” “You can’t carry on living like a teenager at your age.” “You’re too old to go to a night club on your birthday.” Our world is full of busy body know-it-alls.

So, here’s my piece of advice, and it’s amazingly simple. Ignore what others say.

Have a good day, enjoy your new age, and ignore what others may say about you and your age. Ride a hot-air balloon at fifty. Go to a club at sixty.  Do a parachute jump at seventy. Learn to ski at eighty. Grow your hair long, be a hippy, be bohemian, listen to loud rock music and anyone who objects, tell them where to go.

It’s your life, long, or short, and the world can be a dangerous, magnificent, awesome place to be. So, enjoy it while you can.

Today is 27th January 2021 and it’s my good friend WritingBull’s birthday and we share that date, because today I’m sixty-six and I’ll be damned if I don’t do my own thing today.

Copyright © Tom Kane 2021

I write books, so as it’s my birthday, why not read one of my books and I’ll enjoy my day even more.



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