vaccine wars

Vaccine Wars

It was almost inevitable that once Britain left the EU, there would be a return to mudslinging, trade tariffs, export and import controls and at some point, French fishermen would blockade a port somewhere in France and start throwing British produce into the sea. It was never going to be a friendly affair.

But now things are getting little crazier and deadlier. It’s bad enough we must live in a world of restrictions because of Covid-19, but now we have the commencement of Vaccine Wars.

The EU, being the slumbering and lumbering giant that it is, failed to set in motion a plan for obtaining vaccines that were under development last year. Unlike the UK which set up a Vaccine Task Force and signed contracts in advance to secure millions of doses of a wide variety of vaccines. Now these vaccines are coming good, five of the seven Britain ordered are proving their worth. But the EU woke up with a fuzzy head and got out the wrong side of the EU bed and realised they were about to miss the vaccine boat. So, instead of sacking a few snoozing and culpable EU Commissioners they are whining in their cereal bowl because demand cannot be met by the AstraZeneca-Oxford partnership for their vaccine.

To make matters worse, and in a fit of sheer spite, the EU has confirmed there will be new vaccine export controls for any vaccine made in the EU. In other words, vaccines like Pfizer’s which is made in Belgium may not be exported to Britain and instead will be kept within the EU for their use only.

As I live in the EU, but I’m a British citizen, I can see a time coming when the vaccine will be given to everyone else first and we Brits may end up having to squeeze the proverbial discarded syringes to try and get our doses. If we do get a vaccination, I’m sure it won’t be until the end of 2021 at the very earliest, all because of bureaucratic bungling.

I wonder how many deaths from Covid-19 there will be, worldwide, due to bureaucratic bungling and ineptitude.

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