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Peace and the Angel of Death

Historical Fiction extract from The Brittle Land

As peace fell over the obliterated landscape of the Western Front and so many people, who had endured years of warfare, had sighed a collective sigh of relief, the cost of war was beginning to be counted by the simple folk of a destroyed environment. Whole villages had been destroyed, towns obliterated, and the landscape on the Western Front turned from peaceful farming land into a quagmire of mud. For the many unexploded shells, thousands of bullets that never found their target and simply fell to the soil, and the sad remains of so many human combatants, it was impossible to know which foe was which. Ally and foe, some long forgotten, would spark a debate that would last for years, about how many had died. The slaughter between 1914 and 1918 had numbed many to simply accepting their lives as an endurance race on the way to death. In so many cases, the population was simply in shock from so many years of death and destruction.

Now that the war was ending, those in the firing line were thankful. Those who didn’t know the war was ending were also thankful the firing had stopped. In the end, all were grateful and thankful peace was coming. Little did they know that following in the path of peace was a deadly angel of death. This angel of death began its rapid march across the globe, and the ensuing pandemic would be more terrifying than the war itself. The war was an evil folly envisioned by men of power hungry to flex that power over their unsuspecting population. The coming pandemic cared nothing for good or evil, or men of power. It was a virus that used and abused humans and then left the host for dead. It was carried along by humanity itself as people began moving about the continent once more. People were the instrument of their own deaths and of the death of their loved ones, as the virus passed from person to person on touch and in the air, they all shared. There was no explosive violence when this death arrived, only the gasping of air, trying to breathe, lungs gurgling and filling with fluid and skin turning blue as victims, sometimes within hours of the virus infecting them, died a dreadful, terrifying and pain filled death.

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The Brittle Land is book two in the Brittle Saga trilogy and will be published in April 2021

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