I joined the Cyprus Shady Sights club some years ago, not knowing what I had let myself in for. At first everything was fine, but as time went on, I was introduced to increasingly shady sights. I didn’t suspect a thing. I knew it was wrong, but it was never fully explained that what I was seeing, what I was watching, was shady. But by then I was in deep and the sights became shadier and shadier until it was all perfectly normal.

I was in up to my eyes and I never knew there was anything wrong with what I was seeing.

Then, one day, in a routine visit to a miracle worker, the truth of my shady world was pointed out to me.

“You’ve got cataracts,” the miracle worker said. “In both eyes, and they look as though they are pretty close to ripe. You need a new lens in each eye.”

And that was when my eyes were opened. As luck would have it, I discovered, by chance, another miracle worker in Cyprus and he showed me the way and the sins of my shady past were revealed for the first time.

On Thursday I had my left cataract removed and a new lens fitted. I had to wear dark sunglasses for the last couple of days after the operation but today, is the day I can go without the sunglasses indoors.

It has been nothing less than a revelation, a miraculous transformation. Colours with my left eye are alive and vibrant. With my right eye everything is dull, and the world seems to be forever in the shade, even in bright sunlight. Looking at the moon last night and I could see with my left eye a glorious bright white and shining moon. With my right eye it was brown. Reading on my kindle in paper white mood, my left eye shows real paper white, while my right eye shows brown.

I’ve likened cataracts as viewing the world through a window that is forever sand blasted in a storm and is so scratched, it appears brown and shaded permanently.

My right eye is scheduled for the cataract to be removed in April and the new lens fitted. I cannot wait.

Since the sun is now shining and the weather a lot warmer, I am so grateful to have my full vision restored in my left eye and the promise of a full and glorious colour filled future from April onwards. The summer promises to be a full of colour and brightness and the shady sights club banished forever. I can’t wait.

Overall, it’s been something of an eye opener.

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A Pat on His Back – My life changing journey from England to Cyprus.



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