Here in Cyprus, Paphos to be precise, it’s a few minutes past 6am on February 28th, 2021 and the dawn of a new day has arrived and the sky is blue.

That sentence above is perhaps a little simplistic, some literary types may even describe is as asinine or trivial. That it may be, but if you were stood next to me on this morning having had one of two ripe cataracts removed days earlier you would have been as gobsmacked and in awe of the colour of the sky as I am. It is pure beauty. A blue of the purest and deepest sky-blue kind and a wonder to behold.

I may seem to be going on a little about my cataract operation but unless you have experienced our world viewed through eyes dulled by cataracts for a couple of years, then you cannot begin to imagine the wonder I now see before me and all around me. Born again is a little over the top, but nonetheless accurate.

My right eye still has a cataract and if I close my left good eye and look at the dawn sky, it’s a dull grey/blue. When I close my right eye and open my left eye the colour is a deep and graceful blue with not a cloud in sight.

Mr Blue Sky is alive and well and living here today. (with apologies to ELO)

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